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                                                        Membership Management Software

To satisfy a need, EMB Information Technologies, Inc. (EMBIT) embarked on a quest to find the best Membership/Association Software system for a prospective client.  As part of the evaluation process of possible systems, EMBIT built a requirements matrix and virtual model of the features that would be needed.  From this initial work EMBIT found a Membership Management system that met the criteria that we had designed. We chose Wild Apricot Membership Software.  Because of the extensive work that EMBIT did in creating a requirements model for the Membership Management system, we found the software extremely easy to configure, and the operation of the system was completely intuitive.  EMBIT has constructed 2 websites for organizations to manage their memberships.  One was for The Society of Wild Weasels, and the other was for the Wexford Hills Home Owners Association.  Please click on the aforementioned links to visit the public facing pages of these websites.